August 16, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/16/2009 05:14:00 PM
I dont know how many times I've said this.

I hate knowing the truth from someone else, rather than the person itself.

yes, truth hurts but just deal with it.

you need time to tell me bout it and I'm pretty sure I need time to deal with it.
its fair and square. I know that.

but if you take too much time on yourself, I guess I dont need no time to ever deal with it.
knowing the truth from any other way then the person's mouth itself, its soo not good.
its sooo unappropriate.
its soos friggin pissed off.

saya sentap dgn beberapa orang. malas nak mention any names sbb malas nk talk about it with them.

sape sape rase aku agak kureeeeng sikit dgn dia, femfaham je lah.

and I dont know how many times I've said this.

kalau aku sentap, dont bother to talk to me or try to give excuses over what you've done.
I hate excuses, give me explanation instead.

so now, I'm gonna do the best of myself.

fake. being as normal as I can.

you may think I dont know anything about it.
you may think I have no idea of what going on.

but baby, I will always know.

p/s : haaaa, dh taw aku tgh bocor bocor ni kan. mood mmg la dh tak elok, lagi nak buat perangai, bagi aku sentap sesadoo. memang tak aaar.

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