August 3, 2009

mariah not carey. haha

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mami got an ass look like donkey with a monkey look like king kong
- Calle Ocho, Pitbull

Thursday was so fun !

after such a loooooooooooooooooooong time, I get the chance to meet kak Mariah. yeeeey !
planned to have lunch at KLCC, kak Leen was there too. she ended took half day leave, just to spend time with her.
promise to meet up at 12noon, but I was late. SORRY ! haha. I woke up at 11am, cause I slept sooo late, teman si Ady on skype. sedar sedar dh pukol 11am, dh la dgn nak hantar Oya balik Bangi lgi. mmg tak ar en nak sampai KLCC pukol 12. adoooyh.
and nak dijadikan cerita lagi, my shotgun tade battery taw. nak charge pon tabule sbb charger is with Ady. so, I told him that I'll come over to his house amik battery shotgun die je. skali, hamek kooooo. dia membuteeeeee tahengat. choyyyy sgt. called and callled and called, langsung tak pick up. sumpa sedih gile sbb shotgun tade. waaaa :(

arrived at KLCC pon dh nak dkt 1pm. bout one hour late, goosh ! when I arrived, kak Leen and kak Mariah was at Habib. I was like, ape la minah minah ni buat kt Habib, tgg diamond la tu. cheh. sesampai je, nampak la kak Mariah. kiss kiss, hug hug, muah muah. excited ! its been ages je taw tak jumpe dia, rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu gilo.
and, borak borak kt Habib tu, rupenye she bought a pair of diamond earing and also a pendant for Yana. maaaakk aaaaaaaih !
tu ar shite die. haha

settle payment ape sume, off for lunch at Dome. yeeeeaaay ! at that time, I was superly craving for my spicy spaghetti. me and kak Mariah ate the same thing cause we're both craved for that dish. kak Leen jst had soup cause she already took a heavy breakfast.

borak borak borak, lame jugak laa, until I received a call and also a text frooooom, en. Adli kite ye tawan tawan. after 46miscalled from me, and 1 single text message, I know he felt guilty. soo, guilty until he actually came over to KLCC, parked at the parking and gave me the battery. muaaaahahahahahah. sumpah aku tak pakse dia okay, he just felt guilty bout it and he knows I need my shotgun for the day. gheee.. thank papi (:

oh, not to forget, at this one kinda old guy gave kak Mariah his phone number and asked her if she interested in being a model. ahhha. trickyyyy folks :D
its LV and kak Mariah own's it baby. haha

done with Dome, of for window shopping. erk. window? hahaha. jalan jalan jalan, first stop was Accessorize, lame okay cangak kt dlm tu. haha. kak Leen and kak Mariah are both crazy with bangles and headband and earings and necklace. they did bought something for themselves, I didnt okay. yeeaaay me !

next stop was Topshop. I need to buy some inner stuff for myself, ucheyyy. hahah. but sadly, kak Mariah tried on some few dresses and end up buying it. haha.
while I was there, Danang called me and said he was at KLCC too. he came over to Topshop and we chit chat for a while. its been such a long time since we chit chat togetheeer.
Dann said kak Mariah is freaking hott ! haha, tell me bout it ;D

lepastuuu, jalan jalan jalan lagi. masuk Isetan la ape la. borak borak, tengok orang ape sume. singgah maxis centre jap, terlalu la pulak sebelah Coach. lansung dah terjebaaak. haha
kak Mariah ajak masuk, and I was like, ni confirm ni. mesti beli punye ni. haha. she's kinda like LV's loyal customer, so bile dia msuk Coach tengok harga sume en, kire memang muraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah giloo la en kalau nk compared dgn LV. its like 1 LV bule beli at least 3 Coach taw. haha.
me and kak Leen was like tengok tengok, pegang pegang je la. haha. kak Leen mmg biase with Coach, but she always bought thru online, lagi murah taw. kalau beli direct thru butik mmg mahal sikit la. so far, kak Leen ade 3-4 Coach, and me and Mak have one each.
she chose the yellow one tawww.

she bought the wedges too (:

next stop was Sasa, bought some make ups, bla bla bla. segala mak jadah kak Red mentioned in her blog, kitorng pon godek godek la skali. haha
pastu, off to Chinoz for a drink. dahage benaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaau. jalan jalan jalan, borak borak borak, gelak gelak ape sume. lepak lepak lame jugak.

pastu, diaorng jdi foreigner kejap. saje saje nak amik gmbr dkt fountain. nak gmbr dgn KLCC. haha. tu ar shite die. even orng Malaysia sendiri pon tade gmbar dgn KLCC taw. haha. yenna ceit!
kaipunkaaaaap :DDD

we left KLCC almost 7pm I think and head straight back home.

malam nye pulak, kak Mariah dtg rumah, together with her hubby, Bill and also her mother. lepak lepak lepak, boraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak lagi.
thanks for the diamonds auntyy ;p
time to go.
sile lihat manusia di belakang. hahha
again, sile lihat manusia di belakang. hahha

and now, kak Mariah is not in KL anymore. I dunno whether she head back to Singapore or US. I'll ask kak Leen lah nanti. fuyh.

I'm gonna miss you kak Mariah, always will (:

p/s : those who are my new readers, click on the Australia/Melbourne/Sydney label to know who kak Mariah is.

all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom
- Everyone Nose, N.E.R.D

2 extra blabbing on "mariah not carey. haha"

azleen on August 3, 2009 at 8:23 AM said...

lama tol tunggu entry ni kuar...
mmg best kan... rasa mcm org kaya jer.. masok boutique saner sini..
Mariah is at SIN now, will be back in KL on 11 AUG before off to US!!

Amira Zafirah on August 3, 2009 at 8:49 PM said...

hehe. busyyy la kak. idea tarak floww, camno nak hapdate.

ucheyy. muke ketat je masuk kdai branded2, nasib tak jejak LV ke, jimmy choo ke, versace ke, kalau tak, nayooo. mmg ya tgg luar je lah. haha

she'll come on aug la eh.yeeeay !

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