August 16, 2009

still brainfreezing

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/16/2009 02:47:00 AM
*currently listening to Tiesto, Flight 643*

last week before puase :)

I get the chance to hang around with the besties. oh. I forgot to mentioned that I already watched Setem and its great. its Khabir Bhatia's, what do you expect, kan kan kan..

anyway, my Friday was little bit tiring. I've been baking the night before until 4.30am. I woke up aroun 9.30am, siap siap and ready for class at 11am. once I reached to college, once I entered the class, once I sat on the chair, one of my classmate told me that the class was canceled. ZAWEZOME !
I was fasting that day, I really tried not to cursed, I mean say anything. hahaha. so, pulang lah kami ke rumaaaah, aku hangkot Oya balik skali sbb nak mintak dia teman kn aku hantar cupcakes. well, bkn la teman more like tolong aku pegang kan cupcakes tu. haha.
balik rumah, hangkot cupcakes 2 kotak, hangkot Yana skali and off to Putrajayaaa. aku kene hangkot Yana skali sbb mak dgn baba nak balik kmpng.
selesai deliver, hantar Oya balik Bangi balik, lepas tu aku pon teroooooos balik rumah.
sesampai rumah, terooooooooos je membuteeeee tak sesadoooo lagi dh. ngantok bai ngantoook. haha. 2 hri punye tido ni taw.

bangun je tido, aku buat kan Yana susu la, mandi kan dia la ape sume. sekalii, aku rase lain mcm.
taw taw je, choyyyy. geraaaaaaaaam okay.
dh pkol 530pm, petang okay, lgi dlm 2jam jeeeee nak buke.
my THAT time of the month finally arrived.
maaaak aaaaaaih. tataw nak ckp apeeeee dah. hangeeeeeeeen gilooo dh mase tuu. eyyyyy.

settle ape sume, pgi salon jap, rambut kasi cuci ape sume, sesampai rumah je pon dh dlm 7pm lebey kott. aku pon lupeee. lepak lepak jap ape sume, sembang sembang dgn kak Leen ape sume.
malam sikit, siap siap ape sume, teros kluaaar. hangkot Ady kt rumah then amik Dann pulak pastu we're off for dinner at Quan. aku ingat kan Mdm Kwan, skali Quan je. hahaha. its their fav's place la, its my first time there.
okay la, not bad. just tht the waitress tu lah. kitorng tak fhm dia ckp ape, I think she's Siamese kott. hahaha. whateveeer.
so, heres them playing wth extra dick, appreciation from mak hayam. lol

after long and hard thinking of what we're going to do next, we're decided to go to Pavy and cathed a movie. thought of watching The Proposal but its full. we watched G.I Joes instead.


our movie was soooo late. we had like 2hours to be wasted. so, we end up lepak lepak dkt tpi Pavy.

and here's the result
wooopppsiiee !
poke you !
aaaawww. adoreable la neyyy. ngaaaahahahaha :D
face lift.
papi, you're trying to pout like me eh? ahha
abused. ribena mobile dijobo oleh Dann. haha
look at Dann's face. haha
malam bute bute pon tetaaap jam. grr
focus pada mamat ats lori. haha

done with movie, hantar Dann balik then we're off to RHB for the annual weekly meeting with the same guyss. haha.

so, thats bout it.

gave you my all, baby be mine
- Always On Time, Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

p/s : haaaa. kan entry dh menyusul. haha

3 extra blabbing on "still brainfreezing"

Dann Chafid on August 16, 2009 at 4:30 AM said...

it's 429am and i just finished reading ur blog. uwww

woopsieee tau sgt kantoi perut kan

Amira Zafirah on August 16, 2009 at 12:46 PM said...

hahahahahaha. motifff bgtaw pkol bpe? ngengg

Syaa on August 16, 2009 at 8:43 PM said...

i kan nak tgk setem. tkde kwnn.. =( i havent watch seh..

jelessseee hahaha
bile nak jumpe ne ? haa ayt ne dh ditujukan kt u..officially!!!!

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