June 23, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/23/2009 01:11:00 AM
its only Monday and I have a feeling that this week is gonna be a very rough week.
stress week, maybe.
hard week? huwm. perhaps.

haih. so many things in my mind.
with such instinct that I always feel, this week surely gonna be long week for me.

sorry guys, you know me right.

I'm the one that will always worry the most.
I'm the one that will always think about the possibilities
I'm the one that will always think about the consequences.


sumpa hati langsung tak tenteram. I really gotta make myself busy.
super busy.

F word.

and one more thing.

I really hate playing hide and seek. like, seriously hates it.
because, no matter how long I try to seek I'm sure gonna find it in the end.
and that would be at the stupidest place to hide.
same goes to hiding, no matter how much I try to hide, people gonna seek me and actually find it. you gonna feel such a loser.

get it?

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