June 24, 2009


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/24/2009 04:21:00 PM
presenting, Saer Ze, electro pop artist.

I've known about this electro chic for quite a while. I dont really remember how did I knew bout her. haha. so, yea whatever about that.
After I heard her music, it really catched me. Later, I found myself ordering her EP via online.
Shameless, quite nice. I reallly love the cover tho. its sooo, funkaaaayh. haha.

not many Malaysian know about her, I mean, for those who only listens to mainstream music. But for those who love electropop, always partying here and there, it will be a big shame if you never heard about her. screw you!

together with her sister, Yasmeen, they created their own brand and style. Unlike her sister, Yasmeen is very into fashion. She even got her own brand like, MissOSixNine. This brand is no longer an underdog. Various artist had worn her brand in various function.

As far as I knew, Saer Ze will be on tour in Berlin. ooh, she is a very well known artist in oversea. Her song was even on the Charts in France. how cooool is that? supeer cool okayy.

anyway, here is her new song, I Am Glam, kinda like it tho.
Yasmeen was also in the video, they look like twins.

but, I'm more into this.
ooow, I'm lovin' it

so, click on the links and try listen to her. heyy, this is electropop. I trulyy understand if you're not really into it.

p/s : see, I'm not that jiwang lah :D

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