March 25, 2009

school tag

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 3/25/2009 08:35:00 PM
Bio Data

1) Which school did you go to?
; Tadika Kemas Flat Sri Kota
; SK Bnd Tun Razak (2)
; SMK Seri Mulia

2) What classes were you in?
; Tadika - Class 2
; SKBTR - 1Wawasan, 2Jaya, 3Jaya, 4Jaya, 5Pilihan, 6Pilihan
; SMKSM - 1 Amal, 2Bakti, 3 Bakti, 4&5 Science II

3) What was/were your favourite lesson(s)?
- Recess. HA HA HA

4) If you could remember, what time was your recess?
; gooosh. all I could remember during high school. haha. it was on 1040am. hehhe. but I'm a prefect so I can go out at 1020 instead :D

5) List down your favourite food/snacks.
- jelly kelapa dgn Apollo Bubble. hehhe


1) Did you have a nickname way back in high school?
; amira bang bang. F maaaan.

How did you wear your socks?
- lah. pakai je lah, ape masalahnyee?

Have you been suspended due to the way you put on your uniform?
- hell nooo.

Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance?
- never did. hehhe

Who did you look up to when you were in high school?
- erk. myself?


1) Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class.
- maaan, I cannot remember a thing about it. haha

How many times did you skip class? What were you doing?
- quite a few times. usually kalau ponteng sbb tolong tolong cikgu. takpun melepak kt bilik pengawas. hehhe

Give one scene where you escaped from being caught/punished.
tak ingaaat la. goosh.

4) Did you vandalize any school property?
- I did !

Did you ever make any teacher cry?
- no lah. I mean not for any bad reason.

Who were your favourite teachers?
- erk. tade favourite2 ni lah. tak baik pilih kasih wooo. haha

Describe your DM.
- whats a DM?

Who was the funniest/weirdest/loudest teacher?

Social Circle

Were you popular back then?
- haha. I dont think so. no wayy

Were you in a big group of boys/girls or small ones?
- big groupss

Who were your best friends?
- Chin, Pole, Qayyum and Leng Leng. hehhe

4) Did you and your friends have nicknames?
- guess so

5) What were you favourite memories of you and your friends?
-ooh. too many to be listed. paling best, petang petang lepak warung. haha

Co-curricular Activities

1) What type of CCA were you in?
- Police Cadet, rumah Hijau

2) What did you have to bring to your CCA?
- huh/

3) What did your CCA required you to do?
- pass

4) Got injured?
- nope, just fainted ;p

Closing Ceremony

1) How did high school changed you?

2) Sing one verse of your school song.
- Kami pelajar Seri Mulia, cantik indah lagi ceria, pelajar terbilang guru cemerlang, namamu harum gemilang.

3) What was your favourite question?
- what question?

4) Who/what will you remember from your high school?
- everything.

5) Any memories you will not forget.
goooosh. banyak sangat lah nyah. hehhe

mangsa utk tag adalah
; Izza
; Ssin
; Ady

motif orang yang same ;
sebab orng yg tag aku ni pon orang same. si Loqman. pffttt

4 extra blabbing on "school tag"

izza the PINKERTON on March 25, 2009 at 10:20 PM said...



ML; Mohd Loqman on March 25, 2009 at 11:08 PM said...

Siot je ayat last tu kan.
:D :D

Izzul Ruzaini. ` on March 26, 2009 at 12:57 AM said...

haha. mcm best ;)

Amira Zafirah on March 26, 2009 at 9:46 AM said...

izza ;
vadan vuke :D

luqman ;
hehe. mcm tak biase je kan. haha

izzul ;
eh, buat la kalau nak. i tagg you too :)

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