June 27, 2008

Saturday part V

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/27/2008 11:16:00 PM
so, lepas dh tgk my junior perform sume2 en. then masing2 pon nk balik dah.

Chin wanted to go home straight while I wanted to meet Biha and Ady and other friends at KLCC, so we went off separate ways. Chin went straight to her home naik bus, minah ni mmg dh biase dgn bus and me with other friends naik Putra pgi KLCC.

I went to KLCC with Nita, Ali and Fadh. When we reached there, diaorng sume jalan kaki pgi Pavillion,tataw la nk buat ape. call call, Biha dh ade dkt Starbuck dgn Ady sume, so I went there and met them. Theres Biha, Ady, Kiera, Cyful, Faizul and Dan. Later on, Nabil came and join us. But I wanted to apologised to them. I am so so so sorry because I was like being so silent. bukan ape, my mouth ade ulser, thn td mse dkt gig I was like jerit2 sume2 en, so, biler smpai kt KLCC tu mmg tgh sakit giler. and I had a very long day, jalan kaki, turun naik bus sume kan, so mmg dh penat giler mase kt Starbucks tu. so, sorry sangat, bukan sombong taw tp menahan sakit. mase tu pon, si Cyful tegor kate my face looks so exhausted and Nabil pulak buat lawak2 bodo dia. so, I did laughed and smile a bit, but to Dan, Faizul and especially Kiera, sorry sgt2 tak borak dgn korang sangat, I was damn exhausted and sakit gileeeer my ulser. but promise, I'll make it up to you guys someday.

here's few picture mase dkt Putra before masing2 pgi haluan sendiri :)

this time, people took my picture not I took picture for them. haha. malas, tade mood doww. kepenatan. anyway, I'm with the Verzus. pon group jugak, mcm Melankronik tu, which is still, I dont know the motif la but I dont care, I mixed up with the poeples okay and they all good poeple, not bad. so, takesah la whatever shit group they are as long as they're good person and treat me well, so I'm cool with it.
yea, I have no group okay. I am me. I'm not hot, I am cool :D

yes, I GUESS this is the end of the day. haha. yea yea yea. told you this Saturday was great !

2 extra blabbing on "Saturday part V"

J0Jo on June 28, 2008 at 7:01 AM said...

huhuhu..me again

Jojo IN DA HOUSE !!!;D

Amira Zafirah on July 4, 2008 at 11:37 PM said...

oh. heyy. haha * :| *

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