June 11, 2008

alaaa :(

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/11/2008 06:16:00 PM
As I'm writing this blog, I bet she's busy getting herself ready. Her flight is at 9pm and her mom told me that they will left the house at 7pm.

I went to her house so that I can see her before she leaves, the next time that I will see her is next month, she will come back her for her brother's wedding. Insyaallah. I really hope that I can see her.

When I reached at her house, she's busy writing the address on the envelope of the wedding card. She didnt even finish packing but she wanted to do it. "Nanti mummy bising". haha. yea rite.

I talked to her, making jokes and she told me that I'm hyper. truth is, I'm sad la yang. The moment I saw you, I felt like crying okay. But, no. No way, I'm not gonna cry. I see you next month. So, lets make jokes :D I stared at her face for so long until she confess that I annoyed her. hah ! I dont care. The next time I annoy you is next month okay. HA HA HA :DD

After she done wth the invitation card thingy, which I helped a bit. ye la. I tolong tampal stamp taw :P We went upstairs. gooosh. She really didnt finish packing yet. A lot of stuffs are still messing around here and there. ayoyo. Alia oooy. camana ni. mmg you tanak pgi eh? so, where the heck is she going? next entry lah yee :)

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