June 25, 2008

Saturday part I

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/25/2008 12:37:00 AM
hahaha. lately my story semua ade part part je kan. hehhe. sukatik lah :D

anyway, Saturday was a very tiring but super duper fun for me. I wet out with Chin and Ady first, fetched them at their house and drove straight to the LRT BTR. from there, me and Chin took off at Hang Tuah, meaning we're heading to Bukit Bintang area and Ady took off at Masjid Jamek, where he'll be meeting his other friends at KLCC.

We met Nita at the LRT station and went straight to Pavillion. mase ni mmg excited giler la nk jmp Nita cause, dia dh bli camera DSLR tuu. haha. Nikon ape aku tahengat tp aku tak kisah la, jnji SLR. hehhe. tu yg aku kemaruk semacam jee. then, Nita met her friends at Pavillion while me and Chin had our lunch at the food court where Chin met her other friends, Phesza, El and Fiqa. nice people. then, we went to Sg Wang because they wanted to take their picture at the machine. alaaa, yg mcm kt Jepun, tu amik gmbr mcm dlm machine tu nnt korang dpt la gmbr yg kecik giler tp bayar mahal nk mampos. Diorang ber 4 pon pgi ler ambik, aku tgg la kt luar bersama SLR ku. haha.

then. lepak Kitaro for a while but sadly Phesza, El and Fiqa cant join us cause they need to get home early that day.
as for me, Chin and Nita, we're going somewhere and I had my first experience :D

next entry pleasse. :D

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