June 22, 2008

OPS Dinner part I

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/22/2008 03:49:00 PM
anyway, we went to Renaissance Hotel for my sister Operations (OPS) Department Dinner. We were there as guest because my sister is from Drilling Department, so its like nothing special for us, just a free dinner ( not even a lucky draw. trust me. haha)

The theme is Formula One but obviously you can used the "Formula One" name formally without permission, so they came with a different name with a similar theme, "Formula OPS".

The decorations was stunning. Outside the hall, theres a 2 clone of Formula One racing car which you can sit in it and play games and there's also a winning stage with a professional photographer for those who dreamed to be the Formula One winner.
Theres also a huge banner with the company's name on it at the above of the main hall door.

actually, I was really sad cause we got there quite early than everybody else so we took our picture at the winning stage. And that particular person told us that we can come and collect our picture later that night but sadly, there's no picture of us. haih. takpe lah. takde rezeki kott :]

When, the door finally opened, daaamn, the deco is really nice. cantikk sgt. They arranged the tables according to the Formula One team or racer. For example, theres' Ferrari, Honda, Barricello etc. everything is black and red. then, theres flag hanging on the side of the hall and banner written "Formula OPS"

so, lets go to the best part, FOOD.
we're trying our best to figure out what type of food that we're eating but we couldnt find any. haha. majmuk sgt kot food nyee :)

basic Western starter, bread with butter

mushroom and sharks fin soup

chicken percik
fish filley with sweet and sour souce
vegetable and tofu
tiramisu as desert :D

theres brocoli and mushroom with oyster sauce and nasi briyani, but sorry peeps, I forget to snap it cause I am so hungry back then :D

While feasting, we were entertained by a group of dancer from this one particular dance company which I dont know what company it is.hehhe. As usual, the dancer wore very tiny clothes on their body so they can show us that they do not have any extra fat at any part of their body. haha.

glow in the dark tuu
you should see they way they dance, every position ade kott ;DD

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