June 18, 2008

chillin bebeh :D

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/18/2008 12:36:00 AM
oh, what a dayy. Its been such a great great great day for me.
but, as usual, whenever I felt TOO happy, I will forget to snap photos. silly me :(

anyway, I went out today with few of my friends. At first, Biha asked me out to watch some movies but in the end, no movies were seen. haha.

I left the house at almost 12, I think, drove to Biha's house to fetch her and went straight to LRT Bnd Tun Razak, get the train and went to Bukit Bintang.
We went to Pavilion to watch some movie but sadly, the timing is not suitable for us. All the movies was like whether at 2 something or late 4pm. so, cancel, no movies.
Then, we went to Kopitiam which is next to Roxy and have our lunch there while waiting for Nabil, Biha's boyfriend and Chin, which finally decided to join us at the very last minute. We both at Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang which is just so-so only la but Biha's Hazelnut Iced Coffee was damn nice. haha. then, Nabil came at like 2pm followed by Chin.
Daaamn. I miss Chin A LOTTTT. Its like maybe a month I havent seen her. oooooow. the moment I saw her I was like hugging her. heee...rindu bai dekat kau. haha. rindu rindu rindu :DD

Then, all of us accompanied Nabil, who was actually shopped a lot today. He decided to buy different color of tshirt so that he can match with Biha. awwwww. so sweet :))
tapi en, mmg banyak la kot bang Bil shopping. first stop was Topman, he bought like 3-4 tshrt then we jalan2 lgi, tade yg bekenan pulak. We stopped at Diva and each and everyone one of us bought something for ourselves.

Later on, we met Ady :) Its my first time meeting this guy. I've heard a lot about him and honestly I am quite excited to meet him too. chee..mest you kembang je en Ady ;p
As usual, I was so hyper today. haha. high blood sugar la kott. haha. I really tried to approach Ady because he looks so uncomfortable with us. no, he just uncomfortable with me and Chin. no, he just uncomfortable with me kott cause we never met each other before and had never talk thru online pon. so, it was like a bit shocked for him la kott. but things went well, he slowly show a bit of interest to mingle with me and Chin towards the end.pastu singgah jap kat Lot10, bang Bil nak msok Topman sne pulak, beli lgi dia tshrt kt situ, 3 helai lg kot. melampauu. tercabar keimanan ku doww. Grr

Next stop is Kitaro, si Chin ni la. mengidam nk mkn Nasi Lemak kt situ la pulak. so, mencicit la kami ke Kitaro. haha. mase kt sini la baru aku ingat yg aku bwk camera. muaahahaha. ye ye ye. sila la kate aku mengong. tape. takesah. sbb aku mmg ngaku poon. ahaha :D
mase kt sni la baru ade sikit2 la aksi snap2. haha. itu pun Chin je. tataw la kenape. aku mcm ala2 tade mood nk snap pulak. choyy. dimanakan naluri photocather aku ? aku rse sbb Biha kott, if dia ade cnfrim muke lain tade dh dlm cam tu, muke dia je sume. HA HA HA . jgn marah yunk ;P
jadi, lihat lah gmbar2 yg di snap oleh Chin, sggh tade teknik taw. sangat lah tak photocatcher. ahaha. sayang kau nyah :DD

presenting Biha and Nabil, laki bini shopping je taw :D

I wasnt checking on him, I was looking at the menu. bytheway, meet Ady peoples :)

selepas itu (cheewaaah !), tgk hari pon mcm dh gelap2, menunjukkan tanda2 hendak hujan, ha ha ha. so, kami pon mencicit lgi lah ke Times Square and we met Pidot. yeeee. sadly, theres no picture of you lah. aiseyy. I've met this guy before mase dekat summer splash. He was damn nice. I really like him, as my friends lah. dol. he's the one that jaga my camera mse summer splash tu taw. ala2, photographer jgk la. haha. haaa..kembang lah tu you. hehhe. We met him for a while je cause it was really late dah mse tu, and after that we went home. Nabil and Pidot pergi KLCC pulak, si Nabil la, mau shopping lg. tahengat betol la mamat tuh. siap pinjam card Topshop aku taw. haha. aduyaii takpe. I takesah bang Bil, points pon byk2 jgk I dpt kaaan. hehhe. whilst, me, Chin, Biha and Ady went home.

I parked my car at LRT BTR and luckily the four of us rumah dekat2 je, so, I send them home. hee..mase isi minyak ni la si Ady captured gmbr yg kt previous entry tu, then taw2 dia edit kan. cantek kaaan. suke gileerrr. terror la kot mamat tu ngedit gmbr. aiseyy. takpe2. agk2 in future kite bkk bisnes lah Ady, I jdi photocather, you jdi tukang edit. bule? ahaha.
pstu, mse dlm kete nk tgg traffic light, diaorng snap2 lgi, nseb la traffic light tu lampu merah nye agk berzaman jgk la, so, snap2 lah kami. haha. huuu, then, I send Biha first thn Chin and last Ady. diam je dia dlm kete. malu malu kambing betol la you ni. aduyaii. nasib la I tgh high blood sugar taw time ni, kalau tak, mmg diam membisu la kitorang dlm kete. haha.

meet us, Amira, Chin, Biha and Ady :D

4 extra blabbing on "chillin bebeh :D"

Anonymous said...

wakaka..aku photosnapper..

Amira Zafirah on June 18, 2008 at 11:29 PM said...

haha. tak layak jgk kott ;D

azleen said...

a'ah lar.. lama x dengar citer chin.. maner dia menghilangg..
wah ONI tu..lebih2 lar plakkk...

Amira Zafirah on June 19, 2008 at 12:19 PM said...

haha. dia kn bdk college. waaahwaaahh :D

eh. ape plak cmnt entry oni kt sni. ape daaa.

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