June 17, 2008

freaking out

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/17/2008 01:30:00 AM
As I woke up today, I check on my handphone and I freaked out. totally :

there's a message send at 4.08 a.m.
from, Khairul Anuar.
POLE dowwww.

hahaha. the moment I saw it my eyes were like the same size as the tennis ball. haha. sumpah aku terkejut giler. then I replied "huwm.fine".
heee.lsg tade perasaan je kan.

then, I online and check my comments on Myspace and rupe2 nye dia ade comment, tht time aku dh tido la kan. comment nye " hey babe. menghilang?".
hahaha. dh aku tak rply, tu la yg dia text aku tu. sukatik dia aku sombong. ngeng, aku membuta ah.

anyway, dlm pkol 2-3 p.m mcm tu la baru dia rply my messege. heee.. baru bgn kate nye. then we texted each other la today. almost 30 messeges jgk la. byk en. wooooho. tak sangke doww.

I admit that my text was very cynical, very sarcastic and I do feel guilty about it though. But then, he deserved it right? I mean, after what he done to me. I guess he do. We talked a lot. He told me that maybe he start a new job next week and he will stayed at Damansara with his friends.

He told me that I was avoiding him. HA HA HA HA :)) me? avoiding him? WTFK. haha. then he told me that he didnt see me mase summer splash tu. again. WTFK. I was there in front of him. haha. I stared at him but he wasnt even looking. daamn. takkan tak nampak kott. everybody including Alia was shocked cause he didnt look at me. haha. ape2 lah. aku takesah. aku tak hott. so, mmg la kau tak nmpk aku kott :D then, we talk about some stuff and I asked him about Qayyum. then he's like "He's still my bestie la. now study dkt MMU, amek foundation creative multimedia" then I replied "dahsyat. sadly I'm not anymore. I wonder why ;)" haha. sinis giler sial. haha. bestie. watafak. aku break dgn Yum pon sbb dia tak puas hati aku kuar dgn kau, and now chee. bestie. HA HA HA. god bless you both :D

Then I told him that I'm okay. things gettin better, the same me just that now I'm holding a different title, theres so many EX in my life. and he's like. yeey. you go girl. I'm proud of you. bla bla bla. then I replied "that is so fake. you dont have to be nice to me anymore taw" . hahaha. jahat kan. then he replied, "indeed, i'm just proud of you, tak lsg nk try to be nice cause i didnt do anything wrong" then I replied "of course you didnt. you NEVER DID". haha he replied "alright then, let me know lah if i do" and I replied "sokay. past is past. kate pon nak move on". lepas tu, dia langsung tak reply :P

heee..then rase guilty pulak. mybe I was a little harsh on him. huwm. I dunno. I felt bad a bit. but NO. NO, I shouldnt kan. the way I text him is friendly just a bit cynical lah kan. but I'm always like that with him. besides, I did advice him about his future, so I guess, it wasnt that bad. kan?

he said he is still my cocky partner
but sorry Pole, its hard for me to be like we used to be
after all you did to me
anyway, you was my bestfriend and I will never forget that :)

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Anonymous said...

fake oke!!
bla bla bla!!!
watever it is,he's juz another bullshit!!hahaha

Amira Zafirah on June 18, 2008 at 12:10 AM said...

he is? huwm. yelakott.


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