June 22, 2008

OPS Dinner part II

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 6/22/2008 11:34:00 PM
before they start the dinner, the MC for the night, LAwrence I think he's name, sorry if I'm mistaken, made all the audience stand up and did a little bit of warm up. It involves lifting your hands up, scratching, massaging and definitely a lot of laughing.

Well, I paste the picture, so you elaborate :)

told you, elaborate yourself

and now I present you, THE PEOPLES. haha. actually, I dont know their names but, lets see their photos, especially the one with girl in mini skirt :D

thats all. haha :D

2 extra blabbing on "OPS Dinner part II"

ezan alia on June 24, 2008 at 3:08 PM said...

i miss you i miss you i miss you!! omg..cepatla orang kat sini buat keje lembab macam babi so nak pasang internet pun lama gile!! im going back soon!!! :)) ily!

Amira Zafirah on June 24, 2008 at 9:57 PM said...

babe, i miss you too. haih. ntah2 you dh balik sni bru ade internet kot. haha.
anyway, looking forward to meet you soon, ilytooo :))

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