February 3, 2009

hostel hostel

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 2/03/2009 12:42:00 AM
I overnight at hostel on Sunday night tu. it was fun.
being with my collegemates is super fun because they dont really know how my life really is. whenever we get together, all we do is laugh and laugh and talking craps and making jokes.
it is such a relieve for me being with them, a strong relieve.on the evening, I went to Alamanda. me and Luqman were both messed up that day. so, we just head on to Alamanda doing nothing. saje saje. at least we're not stuck at the hostel kan.

at 10pm, I went out again to fetch Kadi at LRT BTS. his bus was on 5pm okay. bapok la lambat nyah. end up sampai kt hostel balik at 11.30 pm. haha. kene la tulis name kt pak guard. thought nak tipu2 en, letak name orang lain, but then pak guard check ID card pulak. choyy.
here is us in the room, eating donut at 2am. Farra ate 2 okay. goooosh. takpe la, dia keding. haha.

thats about it I guess. wish I can stay at hostel as often as I can :)

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