September 29, 2009

its a wrap

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/29/2009 11:09:00 AM
i'm your biggest fan i follow you until you love me
- Paparazzi, Lady Gaga

still, birthday post. hiks ;p

now pasal present pulak :)

i wasnt expecting any kind of presents either from my families or my friends. like, i have everything that i wanted, what more should I ask for?
eh. jap. I reallllyyyy loveeee the cupcakes bling bling watch by CheChe
erk. woopsie. okay, I can buy that by myself. hehhe.

on malam raya tu, I received a call from Pole. he wanted to meet me. I was like, okay. just come over lah. and he did. he actually spend his malam raya at my house okay. haha. it was soooo fun to watch Pole buli my mom, bebel jeeee. mak pon dh pening. haha
okay, out of topic. haha.

the reason why he wanted to meet me was to give my birthday present.
from far away, I saw he came out from his car with Club21 bag. I was like OMG. you gotta be kidding me ! like, Club21. hahaha. tak sangke ade jugak size akuuu. ngaahahaha.

Pole insist me to try it on so he could see but I refuse. maluuuuuu. hahaha. ngooong. ye ar, skali tak muat, tak ke maluu. hahaha. choyy tak choyy.
then, right after Pole left, I ran up to my room and unwrapped it, and I noticed this
inthename of Lord :O

haha. I was like, DKNY? biar betol. Pole, is it original? hahahaha. kejam tak kejam. ye ar dooow. hengat senang senang ke nak percaya, despite the Club21 bag.
okay. sumpa aku kejam :D

haha. no laaaah. setelah puas membelek and stuff, I dont care whatever shit it was. yang fenting, the thought of him to me. ituuu pon dh ckop :)
heeee, thanks a lot yang. really really really appreciate it a lot. i'm gonna wear it next time we go out together okay.

haaaaaaaaaa. lupe nak bagitaawwww. on my birthday tuu. when I was in the car, together with kak Leen and abg Anip, being this instant driver since his car was stuck at workshop. I received email taw. kate pon dlm kete kan, so the email direct masuk to berry lah.
skali tgk it was from Pole, siap ade attachment. I was like, puloook ape la mamat ni nk email nye kan. download la attachment tu.
rupenyeee, it was a video from him. alaaarrwwwww. a video of birthday wishes to me. agak nk meleleh juge yeee. hahaha. no wonder la the birthday SMS sounds very boooring. tak pepasal aku sentap kan. haha

anyway, ini lah baju nye.
bukan nye kecik, telebih besar okay. haha

next present was from Chin. received it few days ago.
oh. cuteee.

lets see whats inside.

yeaaa, she bought me a sexy nightgown. ngaaahahahaha. motiffff sgt kan.
nyaaaah, kau nk aku gode sapeeee? aku tido sorang la deyy. as if I'm gonna play with my beans. HA HA HA HA. lucaaaaaaaaah disitu. harap maklum
takpe, dh habis poseee. hahaha lol.
mak aaaaih.

hahaha. but i really really love it thooo. cantik. takpee, jalan jalan nnt aku pakai yeee, cover boobies part with tube. kalau tak, matik wooo. clivage sesadoo la gamak nyeee. hahaha.
thankksss a looot nyah. loveessss :)

so, thats bout it, lets wrapped out my birthday entries. hehhe. i knoww, finally :D

malam raya tu en, I went to jln TAR with Ady, his mom and 2 of his brother. hahaha.

okay. cite raya akan menyusul kemudiaaaaan. nk carik idea camnooo nk elaborate, dgn gegambooo nye lagi.
aiyoooo, feniiing kipalaaaaa ;p

p/s : remember berry bling bling? ngehhe. have stories on that.

3 extra blabbing on "its a wrap"

chykeenzachary on September 29, 2009 at 2:18 PM said...

we want more... ala..takkan tu jer present nyew?citer lagi..kak leen, memy, parents, takkan tk bagi pape kowt

Amira Zafirah on September 29, 2009 at 9:06 PM said...

huh. aiyooo, tapayah la tu sume eh ;p

syaa syaa said...

pole very the sweet sweet yawww :) hiks

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