September 28, 2009

Amira Zafirah Bt Ibrahim

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 9/28/2009 02:15:00 PM
and finally, the day has come :)

had actually received birthday wish texts like on the night of 17th Sept lg dh taw. ade la few people thought tht my brthday was on the 17th. hahaha. haiyooo, takpe la. maaafkan saje.
so, few hours before 18th Sept tu, I know the line's gonna be busy wth brthday wishes. cheeeee, prasan lebih je kan. hahha. pkol 1145pm dh dpt dh, frst skali from Pole, sangat la awal and sangat la tak special. okay, sentap distu taw. haha.

and, nak dijadikan cerita, and to make things far moooore worst.
internet connection rosak dah mase ni. mmg langsung tabule online lah.
berry pon same jugak. hang teros okay. maybe cause byk sgt notifications kan.
; those yg SMS msuk thru berry, all at one time
; those that wish thru blog cmnt goes to my email inbox, which is will be in berry too
; those that wish thru facebook, berry notifications too
; those that call, received by berry too
; those that YM, berry too since PC is off

so, ribena mobile JAM ! hang teros okayy. sabaaaaar jelah. saat saat genting sebegini. sumenye bule hang. in the end, bule received call dgn SMS je, lain sume tadapat.
facebook, twitter, YM, adoooyh. oh. email bule masuk, i think. eh, nooo. tabule jugak.

sedih la gituuu kan. bestfriends sume nye tak wish lagi. line sume buat hal. sedih la gituuu. then bla bla bla lah, wtv ape sume.

and, another wost thing eveeer. it was the second last day before raya kan. and at around 530pm, i'd period. greaat, just greaaat PPFTTT..
punye la excited kan, knon nye dpt pose penoh, skali, nan adoooooooooo. last2 minute bru nk kuar. ngadeee, mmg aku jerit la kn dlm toilet. dh la on my brthdy pulak tuu. grrr

and, my kak leen lupeee nk bli cake.
memy pulak ingt nk order cupcakes, LVCupcakes. kong asam kn, ,meaning i'll be making my own cakes lah. sabaaaau je lah. kire nothing lah, didnt have any proper family dinner ke hape keee.
and I was sooo sooo stress with period pain and stuff. segalenye lah sakit, perot la, pinggang lah ape lah. end up, I slept until aroun 10-11pm or so.

but luckily, something cheer me up at night.

I was in the room when kak Leen knocked in and said, my friends are here. I was like which friend, and shes like, your friends, ramai. I was blur.
so, I came down, with my hoodies and sick face
surprised !

Ady, Dann and Chin came with cake, or is it brownies? haha. i'm not sure. I was shocked to see them at that time. it wasnt expected at all.
awwww, thanks guyss :)

so, we sat down, no candles to blow, just a cake to be eaten.
happy birthday Amira Zafirah
enjoy your very last teen year ;p
they all came by Ady's car. Chin had to leave early cause she had other plans with her family and Ady need to get back to his house for some reason. after Ady send Chin's off to her crib and done wth his thingy, Ady and Dann came back to my house and lepak the whole.

I end up sneaked out. haha. my parents were already slept and Ady needs to send Dann off to his crib and I want mcD so bad. haha. I ended up followed Ady send Dann's to his crib and I got my mcD too. yeaaaay !

cam whoring a bit while in the car, waiting for our que to order at the drive thru.
threesome. hahaa
we're just bestfriends and thats just the way we are :)

ooh. theres plenty more stories bout my brthday ;p

2 extra blabbing on "Amira Zafirah Bt Ibrahim"

Dann Chafid on September 28, 2009 at 3:17 PM said...

heyyy, we meeet again! HAHAHAHA

Amira Zafirah on September 29, 2009 at 9:07 PM said...

LOL =))

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