September 16, 2009

pending entry :D

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move move shake shake now drop, what your daddy say
- Move Shake Drop, DJ Laz

bukan sengaja malas nak update blog *muke convincing gile
betool, pecayeeeee lah *muke lagi lagi convincing

thing is, mood raya sangat sangat la dh menebal dlm diri, tu belom masuk lagi mood birthday. haaaaaaa, cube bayang kan, betapa dupdapdupdap nye hatii ku yg kecil, halus, tulus lagi mulus ini? waaaaaah, giteeewww. LOL

first thing first, this is not an autopublish entry okay. ini live. yeeee, LIVE noook, liveeee blogging tawwww. pkol bape nii?? haaaa, pepagi buteeeee ko aku blog.
semalaaaam, I slept after bukee smpai la ke pagi ni. sahur pon aku melepas teros. grrrr. tu la yg pepagi lagi ni je dh ngadap PC ni haaa.

now, lets get straight to the main point.

on last Saturday, I went out with kak Mariah. just the two of us with Aiman. nothing much, just having out time out together. its been ageeeees since the last time we hang out together. since, both of us were free on that day, we decided to chilled together. Aiman joined us too cause kak Leen was still at hopsital.

left the house around 3pm, head on to Pavilion. thought of goin to KLCC but then we pretty sure we might get bored. KLCC is kinda limited and, now its puasa. we cant eat or drink. Pavy lah, its big and you know, more shops than KLCC.

this time, I drove the car. you know, its kinda weird, its kinda flattering, its kinda proud, its kinda of everything. before this, whenever we out together, kak Mariah will surely drive. even when I was at Melbourne pon, she drove the car.
but not anymore. We still remember the last time we met and she said, 'Ya, nnt when I come back, you have to drive and take me out okay'. well, wishes granted :)

jalan jalan la kami.. kesane kemari. went to all those kind of boutiques, you knoww, all those designer brands boutique. she bought Coach's handbag, which was my current favourite, to her mom as a birthday present and also for Raya.

jalan jalan jalan until we saw this.
ngaaahahahahaha. booost !

yup. when you are flat chested, you need a padded bra *seriously, I dont. haha. and now. when you have a flat ass, you can dream on having that. a padded panty. it look friggin funny weyyy. when we saw that, we were like, whattheheck was this. haha
imagine, if you're wearing that, and you sit on the chair, and found out that one of your ass is suck in. haha. penyek sebelah, or or or, your panty tu tertarik tinggi sebelah ke kan, and you ass is gonna be like tinggi sebeleh. HA HA HA =)) =))

gooosh. enuff bout that. nothing much to update act. we're busyy talking and walking and everything.

ooh. we were at Nine West, looking around for nice shoes until
noticed her?

it was RedMummy. hahaha. kak Red la deyy. she was also shopping with her red family. kak Mariah and kak Red knew each other, due to something that cannot be mention here. hehhe. it was their first time meeting each other, before this they only contact thru emails.
curik from

we left Pavy quite late and reach home just in time for buka puasa. I break fast together with her at her mom's place since I was home alone kaaaan.
kenyang makan ape sumeeee, balik lah. and story after that. hahhaa. pheeww. tapayah lah :)

I am still craving for mexican pizza at Carlos. sedaaab weyy sedabb. haha. papi, danaaaang, jom jom jom !

cause without me I know you're lost, minus you I'm better off
- Potential Break Up Song, Aly & AJ

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