May 7, 2009

battery flat

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 5/07/2009 04:00:00 PM
supposedly I bake yesterday but I was busy. erk. am I? huwm. busy kan je laa.
then, ingat nak bake today, pon tidak jugeee.

dimanakah hilang nye mood baking aku????
grrrrrr. raawwrrrr.

if you guys noticed, my lives had been kinda like lifeless kan lately.
I hardly update my blog, I did went out la. but since most of my time was in Bangi, so theres nothing much to update.
okay, gituuu.

hopefully, my college break will make me busyy. like, the busy the better.
I dont wanna wasting time around anymore.
besides, ada orang tu soon to have a girlfriend.
mmg tak la kan aku nak hang out 24/7 lagi dah.
hellooo, tade la aku nk kene cop asik kacau laki orang je, kacau boyf orang je.
CHOYY okayy.
haaaaa, ade orang traasee. wahahaha. royal stalkers sy trase kee? holorh holorh holorh :D

slowly, kite bawak diri. hahaha.
erk. this is sooo la not entry menagih simpati, emosi emosi, meratap hiba.
hell no veveh :)

and today pon, aku hangen.
like, grrrrr. geram okay. so, hangen la.

oh. talk bout hangen. its kinda weird cause my that-time-of-the-month for April came out twice.
early April and end of April. waaaaaah, gile la mood swing kan.
nampak sgt hormone tak stabil. waakakakaka.
well, duh. kan couple of week I was so down down down, pouring myself out with tears. emosi sgt terganggu okay, so does my that-time-of-the-month lah.

cut the crap. I was just discussing bout my that-time-of-the-month in my public blog.
ngengg. haha.

haih. I'm home alone now. supposedly pgi hosp with the rest but I stayed home.
alright. no elaboration. malas nak fikir.
dah la aku. ______________________________________________
hangen hangen hangen. hahaha.
stupidity of me (;

well, thats bout it now. thanx for reading, if you just did lah.
if not, thanx for viewing my crappies


3 extra blabbing on "battery flat"

Dann Chafid on May 8, 2009 at 12:21 PM said...

HAHAHA gitu lah
well, someone to kan soon to have gf kan kan kan mira.

nnti dgn sapa lah kita nak meratap hiba kan kan kan?

choyy! chillax.

oh patut ah tak bagi baca blog smlm.
penuh dgn craps+emoshittings.

WELL! i had fun lastnite ;D

Amira Zafirah on May 8, 2009 at 2:18 PM said...

; choyyy. itu isu sensitive, tabule diutara dgn begitu detail okay.

haaaa, taw takpe. giloo nk view. anda taw ape itu kemaluan kaaaan? hahah

i had fun too. nnt dtg lagi ye. dont forget bwk hafiz.
what? i nk blaja amik gmbr je okay. HA HA HA HA =)) =))

Dann Chafid on May 8, 2009 at 4:16 PM said...

amboi amboi amboi
nak hafiz je skrg kan! haha

tgu next week dia datang kl balik

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