August 5, 2008

those 2 guys

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/05/2008 12:21:00 AM
from the previous entry, ade yang bace, then made assumption that I'm HAPPY
huwm :

I have been receiving such a various comments and critics about my blog. some might say its interesting, some might say its funny and some might say its just fun to read. there also some people that didnt quite understand what my entry is about and that because they did not read the previous entry that I posted.
whatever it is, THANK YOU for reading. like it or not, still, you visit this webpage

anyway, the previous entry was made because on the same date last year, it was my declaration day. yup, with Qayyum. yes, I know, I know, move on ! but hey, put yourself in my shoes, will you ever forget it? will you ever forget things that you did for the first time in your entire life and it actually can change you future?
tak faham? its okay. dont bother.
what I'm trying to say is, yes. I have move on, but still, can you ever forget, like I mentioned before, things that can change your entire life, like, the first time you had your period, and guys, first time you had your wet dream? :P
I'm not being pervert or saying something fetish, but hey. those things you will actually remember for your entire life. right?

Qayyum was first. click on the link below, you will know the whole story
as if you want to know :)

Pole, huwm. I just didnt expect that me and him will end up like this.
still remember the previous entry, the one that I copied from Chin's myspace blog. yea. that one.
few days later, Pole text me. He said sorry and asked for forgiveness.
I'm cool with it, like I said before, I do forgive him but I never forget what he had done to me or to my friends.
Way back then, me and Pole was very close, very very close. I was closed with him first before I was actually closed with Qayyum. Even Biha was pissed with me because I was being to close with Pole, that was before we knew each other very well.
but now, since all the things that Chin wrote in her blog, Pole said he is backing off. He doesnt want to interrupt us anymore but no matther what, if we find ourself together, just say Hi.
I'm like what ! not another one. Qayyum had been missing in my life for 6months and now Pole.
I didnt expect it to turn out like this. It shouldnt be okay. The reason Chin wrote it so that Pole will read and realised his own mistakes and will try to make it up to us, not cutting off our friendship. NO

but, I guess, I was wrong.
huwm. another one gone. Qayyum & Pole, my favourite people in my entire life.

oh. I blame EGOISM.
I admit, I was never been ego before, like seriously. I think I have like 0.001% of Egoism.
everytime we fought or things get rough, I will try to tolerate with them. No matter what, I will let myself to consolidate all of us together.
but now, no. my Ego percentage have strongly increase and my mood to console people had also be strongly decreasing. and, this is what I get.
so, EGOISM. I blame you.
go and fuck yourself okay.

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Beruang Madu on August 5, 2008 at 3:58 PM said...

Kali ni abang baca tapi abang tak faham... apa tujuan entry nih... hmmm... nak berterima kasih ker?? hmm ok ok...abag faham

Amira Zafirah on August 6, 2008 at 1:10 AM said...

haha. tak faham, thn faham.
huwm. motif eh, luahan hati kott :D

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