August 10, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/10/2008 01:30:00 PM
they got me down again

You guys did it again.


Chin, Pole, Biha, Yum.

satu benda je yang aku melutut merayu from korang.
Put Yourself In My Place.

can you guys please stop defending yourself and pointing at other peoples fault.

Take a moment, and imagine how does it felt to be in other' s shoe.
as for now, masing masing dah taw salah silap sendiri. But can you guys admit, can you guys say forgive.
I KNOW. you will never forget what had happened but please.

I am noy asking for sympathy. I am asking you guys to forgive and give each other a second chance.
Everybody deserved a second chance, right?

Sorry la if I blog about this but I know, all of you read my blog kan. So, its better to let me speak here as all of you will know what I said.

Chin : I'm sorry. I know your intentions but you just making it worse and I had to fix it. Dont ask me anything. Just keep it low. again, Thank You. sayang kau okay.

Biha : Now I realised that everything I done to defend you are worthless because you are not defending yourself to your past. sorry if this is harsh my you know it right. Thanx for telling me the whole story, it made realised. Love you okay.

Pole : I dont asked Chin to write the blog and aku mintak maaf sgt bg pihak Chin and myself too. as for myself, yes. mmg aku marah tapi you know me right? marah aku tak lame punye if you just tell me the whole truth. Bende skarang byk sgt disimpan. Yes, I'm looking forward to meet you, just the two of us. Lets clear this out okay? You know how much I loved you, sbb tu la bile kau buat mcm ni, aku mcm touching lebih. Kenapa Pole tak pujuk? Kenapa Pole buat tak kisah? Kenapa Pole tak call mlm2 just nak ckp dia rindu? Pole tanak kawan dah kot? Aku rindu kau lah. faham. Ape2 just let me know, tade nye nak back off lah. ape lah. Nonsense okay. Come on, I'm waiting

Qayyum : Hey. when it comes to you, sumpah sy speechless. I dont know what to say. A lot of things has change now kan. Kamu ni susah sikit. Hati keras je. Haih. but sokay, I understand if you still tanak jmp jugak. Takpelah. Its up to you. Kita dh besar skarang kan. Otak tak mcm bdk2 skola dh kan. Dah bule fikir sendiri kan. So, kalau nak lepak dgn Biha, bgtaw awal2, nnt sy takde la lepak dgn dia jugak. I still hopes things will be okay between us, eventhough kamu ckp kita dh takde apa2 or you dont want to know anything about me. but, still. I'm cool with it.

there you go. all 4 of you.
yes, I know I know, I shouldnt blog about this but I'm sorry this is the only way that I can communicate with you guys. Texting? naaaah. You know I hate to text. Call? Sorry. confirm aku nangis. So, I just write.

if korang tanak jugak, kita tunggu Raya nanti okay.

5 extra blabbing on "them"

k.leen said...

yg sudah tu sudahlar..
sume org ade buat silap..
rugitau.. hilang kawan...

ezan alia on August 11, 2008 at 10:39 AM said...

tak settle lagi ke? :(

Anonymous said...

nk ckp aper ek??
entahh..hal korg..mlas dh nk campur..
masing2 pown dh bwat hal sndri..
so im over it..
tak nk dh msok campur..rse nk cte..ko cte jerlah..
ily bbe..
bff mu..


dann on August 11, 2008 at 8:20 PM said...

kenape nii?

Amira Zafirah on August 11, 2008 at 10:59 PM said...

kak leen :-
tu lah. if fikir kn salah je, mmg smpai mati takan dpt kawan. i love them. so, sbb tu until now, i still try to keep them.

should be settle but something else came up and i'm the scapegoat.

bff ku :-
you had interrupt and you kinda like screw it. sorry to say. so, yes. jgn msok cmpur and NO, i dont feel to tell you anythng. ily too.

something hppen and you rajin you read the blog only. dont ask me anything. i'm sorry

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