August 8, 2008

pesta kucing

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/08/2008 01:40:00 PM
haaaa. korang sume sibuk je nak promote pesta buah kan. hari2 makan buah je. durian lah. rambutan lah. manggis la. same je kt my house ni ha. agak2 durian tu dah masak sangat, mak teros je buat tempoyak.

well, anyway, I'm not here to talk about pesta buah, I'm here to talk about pesta kucing in my own house.

hahaha. kucing mcm dh banyak sangat okay. my own cats actually ade 2 sahaje, Shasha and my lovely DikBu. but then, kat sini byk sgt stray cats, and my family mmg tak smpai hati nk biarkn mcm tu je taw. so, we end up bgi mkn to all the stray cats everyday and makin lame jdi makin byk je kucing kt blakang rumah tuh. aduhai.

so, skrang, CikTeh beranak lgi and ank CikTeh from her first birth tu beranak. so, CikTeh dh dpat la cucu kan.
2 of CikTeh daughters, KekorPangjang and Zorro branak, so total cucu that CikTeh have now are 5. haha. and while CikTeh dpt cucu, CikTeh pon branak jugak, another 4. total kitten that we have in our home right now are 8, 4 are still super kittens, mata tak bukak lgi, tali pusat tak putus lgi and another 4 dh quite big, but still, gigi tade la tajam mane :)
thats CikTeh and her new babies
thats CikTeh cucu, Zorro's baby, we name it Sekang (skunk) that is also CikTeh's cucu, her first cucu, KekorPanjang's baby

this is Zorro's baby, CikTeh cucu. cantik giler okay bulu dia. this kitten is still takot takot with the humans, so, that why he/she looks like that


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