August 1, 2008

another one is gone

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 8/01/2008 01:26:00 PM
"hahaha...ko memang deserved tok terima naseb kaw itu..
kaw itu pendusta..kwn yng tak sedar diri!!
ko fuck urself..
tue r..dlu ade awek..mmbe ko tgglkan..
skunk awek tak der..mmbe yg ko cari blk..
maaf..mereka tidak hingin nk berkwn dgn kaw lg..
kerana mungkin kaw akan skt kan hati mereka lg..
ternyta tanggapan aku terhadap kaw selama nie slh..
aku igtkan ko sorg yg blh ternyta kaw pown sme jer..

sper mkn cili dye r trase ye..
for those read this..please dont send me any stupin msg..
bia org itu trase snri ye..

dan juga "kwn baek" ko tue pown sme jer 2 kali 5 dgn kaw..
sme2 MARKET lebyh..and such a pathetic LOSER!!
ye..dimata aku..korg sume loser...
yg hidup dgn mke korg yg "handsome"..

hopefully can see u guys melutut merayu2 kepada kepada manusia yang bergelar wanita.."

that was taken from Chin's Myspace blog.

yup, specially made from Chin to Pole and Qayyum
and, we are both shocked to know that Pole actually read that and comment this,

makan dalam sial..
xpelah klau kau pikir mcm tu..
aku mintak maaf dari ujung rambut smpai ujung kaki..
klau aku ade silap maaf yea..
salah aku..xpe2..

and Chin replied this,

u read my blog...
at least ko sedar yg blog ini berkaitan dgn ko..
maaf semua ini dh lme terbuku di hati aku..
so terpaksa jugak lepaskan..
sory pole..
kwn-kwn baek aku dh lme terseksa kerana korg..
bler merka down mereka perlukan korg..korg tgglkan mereka..
skunk bler ko down..ko cr mereka blk..
bila mereka dh oke..sejarah berulang balik..semua yang mereka tak nk tahu..semua dtg secara tiba2..
jus wanna let u know..
this is so unfair

P.S maaf kalau ko mkn dlm..:)

haih, I'm kinda speechless at first. I dont know how should I respond. seriously.
anyway, thanx Chin, to stand up for us. for defending us.
yup, that is for Pole and Qayyum, but hey, at least Pole read it, so lets just hope he will tell Qayyum about it.

yea. Pole did that to me and Biha, but Biha la kesian. since he broke up with his GF, Camey, he started to contact with Biha and stuff, and yes, I hate it. I know how Biha's feeling about this. and please GOD, kuat kan hati Biha, and Nabil, if you are reading, jage Biha elok2 okay.
and yea, Pole did call me, last Saturday. He asked me out and I'm like. huuuh. you've been acting like a jerk towards me and now you asking me out. ARE YOU INSANE?
and its been almost 3-4 months I havent been talking to him and he's like calling me and suddenly asked me out?

yes yes yes, I know. forgive them. I do okay. I have forgive them, but its not that easy to forget.
I mean, its been like this for so long, biler susah, cari kitorang, baru la nk strt contact semua, bile senang, duit banyak, GF ade, ade dia pedulia pasal kitorang.


enough. I forgive them both
but one thing, I just hope you guys will feel exactly how we felt before.

Qayyum, someday, someone's gonna break your heart, into tiny little pieces.

hey, let's KARMA do the the job :)

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Anonymous said...

o00o yeahhh..
amek kaw...


Amira Zafirah on August 4, 2008 at 6:54 PM said...

huwm. yea.

lily lotus on August 5, 2008 at 3:54 PM said...

cool down bebeh..nak sekerim tak?? :D

Amira Zafirah on August 6, 2008 at 1:11 AM said...

maw maw maw ! double scoop bule? :P

Anonymous said...

i knal ayum tuh...
n i noe die nyer gf now...x sangke die camtuh...
i read ur blog...
n i taw prasaan u...
just saba...
karma ade...

Amira Zafirah on October 30, 2008 at 3:52 PM said...

mr anonymous,
this entry is about my friend, Chin pissed at Pole, and ayum too, a bit. i guess. jst wnt to clear thngs off la, in case you slh bce or whatsoever.
so, thing is done. me and pole pun try to work things out.
but me and ayum still mcm tu jgk lah.
thanx for the comment tho, and jgn la you ade bad intention pulak dkt ayum.
he is a nice guy, jst things doesnt work well between us.
so, ape dh jdi, jdi lah.

and yes. I do trust karma :)

thanx for reading, ini entry lame kott. haha.

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