November 24, 2009

Weekend Getaway - Part I

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 11/24/2009 01:58:00 AM

sinking in the sand of time, a measurable bind I'll be fine
-Too Easy, One Republic

heeeee.... last weekend was AWESOME :DDD
awesume awesume awesume !

hahha. I went back to kampung. after such a loooooooong time. hahaa.
well, I wont go back to kampung for nothing, obviously. hahaha. I went back becauussseeeeee..
Ady and Danang pon ikot kitorang balik kampung jugak okayyy. yeaaaay !!

actually we had planned this before but due to something that can be avoided but chose not to avoid, the trip was cancelled.
then, few weeks ago, Baba mentioned about it again. and this time, with no second thought or even doubt about it, we decided to just go !

we left on Friday noon. fetch Ady and Dann at their own house and we're off to Sitiawan, Perak. my kampung. journey supposed to take around 3hours but it was raining all the way. hence, we took almost 4hours to reached there.

had our lunch at RnR Sg Buloh. alaa, yg jejantas tuu. hahha. Mak and Baba usually had lunch here, its much better than any other RnR.
had lunch at this one kopitiam which I forgot the name. haha. the food was good, not bad. I dont know about the price, Mak forced me to wait at the seat while she paid the bills. lol.
bad quality cause snapped via berry (:

as we camwhored in the car while it was raining outside, there were sooo many accidents. from KL to Perak, we saw 6 accidents. gooosh. scaryy I tell you tawww. as Baba slowed down, there were this one car giving like a sign to us, pointing towards our car. Baba decided to pull over at the emergency lane and have look at our car. and the next thing we realized was, there this thing near the tire, its like the casing, that thing was flapping cause it lose its screw.
as it was nothing serious, we continued our journey. we stopped again at the next RnR to fix the flappy thing. but Baba had no clue on how to fix it. aiyooo, yenna !

nevermind, here comes the on-the-go mechanics !

I tied the flapping thingy with my Guess handbag pouch bag string. aiyooo, agak sayang la jugak but nak buat camno. thats the only tali we could find. Baba was like, 'eh takpe ke?' tak pe la baa, bkn nye gune sangat pon tali tu. tade tali pon bule gune jugeee.

and, with the help from the tali, we managed to stop the flappy thing to flap, until we reach kampung. hahaha. yeaaaay me !

journey start again, so does our camwhoring. hahaha.
but this time, Dann's shotgun is on. oh, Ady and me didnt bring ours. both of our shotgun was being used by our brothers. thank god we have Dann's :D

too much pictures, too many laughters. hahaha. boraaaaak je kitorang dlm kete, kejap kejap kang gelak, pastu gelak lagi. mak pon dh heran. Dann had the biggest laugh, as usual. haha. Mak gelak sbb Dann gelak. bule gitu? hahaha.

next stop, mamak Ghulam at Teluk Intan. haha. it was raining all the way kan. so, Baba nak la minum panas sikit. had a light meal. order Tosey shared 4 orang. hahaha.

teruskan perjalanan semula. haha. thank god both of the guys were not really boring in the car. ade je bende yg fascinate diaorng. Ady really like the part where ade banyak sawah padi. sibok la nak amik gambar, tengok pokok cantik pon nk amik gambar.
and Baba was like, 'haaa, Edy. amik gmbar kt sini cantik. sana pon cantik jugak Edy' .
noticed the EDY. hahaha. instead of ADY, baba called him EDY. aiyooo, blasoooh je la yeop !

pastu sampai la ke rumah nyeeeee. hahaha. welcome welcome.
mak cakap,' sampai dh la kt pondok burok makcik dgn pakcik'. hahaha. (:
lepak lepak, buat buat ape yg patut, unpack segala jadah. diaorng pon teros serbu my room kt sane. haha. choyyy, sesokeee je masuk bilik anak dara kan. hahaha.

lepaaak lepaaak lepaaak lagi, around 8 or 8.30pm mcm tu, we went out for dinner. as usual at our favourite chinese restaurant AhChoon dkt Manjung.
Ady dgn Dann tak hbis hbis cakap AhCHIN. haha. aiyooooo. sejak bile pulak Chin bkk kdai makan ni. hahahaha.
had our chinese food for dinner. sume mmg lapar betol kan. mmg makan habis licin. ape pon tak tinggal. Ady dgn Dann very senang in terms of food. sume bende diaorng pelahap. they're not fussy or choosy at all, in terms of food lah. bende lain, idok le teman taw. haha.
Tauhu BMW

Mira : mak, baba order tauhu BMW tak?
Mak : order, mesti la order.
Ady : huh. BMW?
Mira : haaa, kedai ni mmg name foods dia sume cmtu. tauhu BMW, kangkung goreng Honda Civic, Ketam Harrier
Ady : eh? oooowh.
Mira : haaaa, pecayeeeeeeeeee lah ckp I
Ady : eh. EEEEYYYYY !
everybody was laughing like shit. hahaha. Mak was laughing non-stop with Baba. Ady and Dann dh bengang jee. hahahaha. aiyoo, korang ni. suke taw pecaye ckp I. hahahaha. ape daaa..
oh. during our dinner that night, Baba gave approval about something. yeaaaay ! but, mak said anything could happen, so I cannot get too excited. haha. well, okay. at least now I know he's okay about it. heee, I cant wait to tell you guys. nnt kalau dh betol betol confirm, I'll announce it later taw. promise ;p
right after dinner. we went to Lumut. saje jalan jalan. Baba suro walk around Lumut so that all the food that we just ate can move perfectly in our stomach. haha. yoo lah ba. nasib la mase tu pon dh mcm stop sikit hujan, so bule la jalan jalan.

enjoy the pictures, well, some of it ;p
Ady karaoke siap lagi kat situ okay. mcm tak pecaya jeee. Baba and Mak really enjoyed him singing to Broery Marantika and Ibnor Riza's song. oldies sangat kan. hahaha.
Baba said suara Ady sedab. baru taw ke baaa. hahaha. tu la, kan dh ckp Ady pnye suara sedab. hahaha.
Baba suro Ady nyanyi lagu Jamal. but Ady refused,'tinggi sangat la cik, tak sampai'. haha. taw takpeeee.

mase ni pon dh pukol bape. kitorang pon teros balik. esok nye pon nak kene bangun awal cause nak pgi Pangkor Island.
we head home for our beauty sleep. Dann tido paling awal skali. me and Ady borak borak lagi, layan Penelope dkt Star Movie until around 1.30am.

then they're off to their bed, and I'm off to mine.
but, bukan nye aku tido pon. haha. I called Syasya. heeeee, she called me few days before but I didnt pick up cause I was sleeping. so, I called her back and we had like 1 hour chat over the phone.
godamnit. I miss you Syaaaa. I try come over your place okay. I try :)

worritee, next entry.

right now theres a war between our vanity, but all I see was you and me
- Come Home, One Republic

5 extra blabbing on "Weekend Getaway - Part I"

*ayu the sun* on November 24, 2009 at 11:38 AM said...

bestnya!!!!! baca ntry ni pun dah gelak x hengat...

Farah Syazana on November 24, 2009 at 11:44 AM said...

u ikot hiway mana yeh?hihi...dlu duduk kat teluk intan since my dad org teluk intan...and i pun stdy dkat UTP, so manjung tu pun sgt familiar.

Amira Zafirah on November 24, 2009 at 12:29 PM said...

; imagine if you're there with us. haha. kentot2 gelak weyyy. hahah

; oh. ikot hghway biase la. PLUS highway utara selatan. haha. manjung dgn sitiawan tu dh over familiar wth my family ;p

Dann Chafid on November 24, 2009 at 1:44 PM said...

best kan kan kan kan! HAHA :D

Syaa on November 24, 2009 at 5:34 PM said...

whoaaa fun laahhh fun fun fun entry. hiks. =) ahaaa miss u okayyy evn moree.. agk kesian ye. 1 sem jumpe skli..haha!! anw, u try aight... try ur best!!!!=D

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