November 1, 2009

Friday last week

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 11/01/2009 02:19:00 AM
we were always meant to say goodbye
- Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson

heee, okay okay okay. I know. THERE ARE still some readers in my blog.
and I'm happpyyy :)

so now, i'm gonna hapdate whats already been happened in my life.
starting with Friday, last week.

it was our last class for our 3rd semester. gooosh. time passes so fast. off with Sem 3 then helloo sem 4. means, hello 20years old.
twenty. no more -teen. zomygod.

when all of us were done with our final class, we're all decided to had lunch at Alamanda.
such a great times tho. everybody was all relieved cause we're finally done with all the assignments and final projects.
fuyh. what a hectic hectic weeeks was that !

Fara, the dahi. haha
last class what Agama, thats why I'm with tudung ;p

oh. Luqman wasnt there at that time. he had evening class so, he couldnt join. but nevermine. its sookkayyy :)

done with lunch. its movie time. we watched Papadom.
it was a great movie though, the message that they wanted to deliver to the audience are really good. but the thing is, for me la kan, i found that the movie was kinda, huwm. long?
meleret sangat la dooww. movie melayu sampai 2 jam? na'ah. no no. boooring. there was like this one time I was like, ' gooosh. bile nak habis cite ni?'. haha.
so, yea. screwed me ;p

done with movies. I went straight to home.

but, my friday wasnt end yet. hahha.

malam nye puleeeee, they came to my house. wooohoooo !

actual plan was, I had to hang out with one of my collegemate, Hykal. his birthday was couple of weeks ago and he really wanted me to bwk dia jalan jalan with Lola. so, since i'm kinda free on that day, aku pon ajak la dia lepak ape sume.
but i'm not gonna just lepak 2 orang je dgn dia okay. like, duh. nak borak ape pon tataw. hahaha. ended up, bunch of my friends join la skali.
malam tu, Luqman, Hykal, Dian, Tot and Nadia came to my house. later on Kadi, his sister, Intan, her boyf and also their cousing came to my house too. after long chit chat of where we should go, we finally left the house and went to NZ Wangsa Maju.

it took us quite a long time since Luqman sesat. sabauuuu je la kan. buat malu betol. hahaha. went there with 3 cars, Lola, AGAy (Luqman's) and also Kadi's cousin car.
oh. I didnt drive that night, Tot did. yeaaaay !
Hykal very happy face- despite that he was Luqman's GPS for the night. haha
Tot, my driver :)

lepak lepak lepak di NZ, and Kadi had to leave. Kadi and his troops had to went to Puchong. looong way to go man. jadi, tinggal lah kami sahaja.
borak borak borak lagi, we're off to Andalus.

Dian and Nadia
Hykal happy face, again ! haha
Tot, the bontot ;D

thought of going to Bukit Ampang lah, ape lah. but then sume tak jadi. Luqman takot nnt ade rush. hahaha.
kalau ade rush pon biar je la en. bkn nye bedua dua an poon. kitakan beramai ramai an. hahaha. ngooong ar you ni.

done with Andalus, off to my house balik. saje nak hantar aku balik. takkan la aku nk drive sorang sorang from jln ampang to my house kan. nnt marah Ady okay, biarkn mami nye sensorang. hahaha.
diaorng pon hantar la aku balik rumah ape sume, skali melepak pulak kt rumah. tgk movie cite the Fog.
they finally left at almost 5am I think. haha.

uuuwwww, great night !

heee, okay. Saturday pulak ;D

in the blink of an eye, its just another day
- Through My Window, Bunkface

2 extra blabbing on "Friday last week"

izza the PINKERTON on November 1, 2009 at 3:00 AM said...

*COUGHING OUT LOUD* cough cough ehem ehem

bila nak exam ni?

Amira Zafirah on November 1, 2009 at 3:14 AM said...

batuk terok cik izza ?

this was a week before exam la yang. now i dh tgh exam dh ni.

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