November 5, 2009

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blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 11/05/2009 09:40:00 AM
i've changed my google chrome to google chrome beta.
its pretty much the same, just that beta has more options in themes. which i totally adore.some of the themesi chose leopard theme. LVoe it !

but the most hated part of it, which i'm kinda like, alaaaa. apsal la aku tuka ke beta
when you nak update your blog, kn dh upload pictures sume kan. with beta, you cannot move the picture taw. you cannot drag it here and there.
and thats uber sucks !

so now, kalau dh upload picture sume, I have to use Firefox tu drag the picture.
sgt la menyusah kan okay. nyaaaaaaampah !

okay. whatever.

anyway, di sebabkan tade bende yg nk dihapdate kan.
i present to youtweetdeck.

i've been using this for like almost a month now. thanks to Dann, i knew this thing from him.

with tweetdeck, you will be notified will the updates immediately.
tweetdeck can support any updates from Facebook, Myspace and Twitter.
so, instead of opening each page of account that you have, just for the sake of updating you status, you can just update via tweetdeck.
maybe for facebook or myspace, you might still wann open the page, if you wanna browse on pictures or whatever.
but for twitter, you only have to view via tweetdeck. unlike webpage, you have to refresh to know whether the others have update or not, but tweet, it will automatically notify you immediately.

so, install tweetdeck now, its free!

zomg. aku pon tataw la kenape aku gigih sgt promote bende jadah tu. hahah.

anyway, ciao !

p/s : currently update at Pak Long's house in Shah Alam. this entry had been in draft for few days already. lupe nk publish. hehhe ;p

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Munirah Abd on November 8, 2009 at 8:59 PM said...

hahah banyaknya my avatar tu..haha nampak sangat la i suka betul main twit ni :p

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