July 23, 2008

Alia !

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 7/23/2008 01:05:00 AM
finally, I met herr. I miss her like soooooooo bad okay ! its only been 3 weeks but seems like 3 years for me.

She went back because of her brother's wedding. He was married on July 12th and Alia went back on 8th. but sadly, I only met her on Friday. waaaaah. sedih je taw.
anyway, let me just paste the picture. no elobaration needed. okay? :)
July 12th, Akad Nikah and reception (bride's side)
that man is Alia's father. next to him is kak Arni, angah's GF, then theres my Alia and the last is kak Jana, Achik's GF
briefing and recite some doa before we left the house.
daamn. it's Furla. oh. say Hi to Muiz, he is Alia's BF brother and also her schoolmate
we reached the dewan.cantik sangat

We reached at the dewan like at 10a.m (I think), the girls all lined up, each one holding the hantaran. sorry, no pictures because I was one of them. hehhe. I was holding the sirih junjung, so I had to stand at the front row. Grr. malu jeee. haha. jalan jalan and went on the stage. yups. they did the akad nikah on the stage.

ni bapak Bride. Tuan Syed orang panggil.
that is the bride, kak Mira

selesai the akad nikah, severybody felt relieve. the tok Kadi even asked some question to Along. haha. kesian je. I didnt hear much but one of the questions are about rukun nikah. hehhe. cuak cuak. well, anyway, mcm biase lah, they'll be tears flooding, especially the mother. awww. Auntie nangis giler2 je taw, but Alia. haha. hati kering je minah tuh. maintain. *oh. I still remembered when my brother was married. daaamn. I was crying like shit. haha. malu je pulak.hehhe*

awww. they all happy for the Bride's and Groom :)
the sibling. from left to right : Angah, Along, kak Mira, Alia and Achik

the last picture taken for the day. daaamn. baju tuh catik giler taww. makes her look so slim. geram !
anyway, after the akad nikah is the reception for the Bride's side. so, we stayed there until the adab makan2 thingy then we left home. next day is the Groom's reception.
okay. next entry. haha

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