July 29, 2008


blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 7/29/2008 11:52:00 PM
nothing much to update. I'm still not very well.

I am supposed to attend the netball meeting in college at 5 but I didnt go, I was to tired and I'm sick.
I reached home at 6, took my medicine and slept until 9.30, mandi, makan, and here I am now.
2 messeges I didnt reply, few phone calls I didnt answered.
dont blame me, blame the medicine that the doctor gave me.

and, I've ate the medicine just now and currently waiting to feel sleepy and just sleep.

oh, today, I heard a song title, Mira sang by a band call Khalifah. thanx to my classmate, Faiz, he let me heard it using his phone. haha. yes, I was LOL.

'till then,

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