July 23, 2008

Alia ! part 2

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July 13th, 2008.
Groom's Side Reception.
Dewan Tun Rahah.

oooow. I love this day. sebab kan. sebab kan. sebaaaaaaaaaaaaab. sebab. sebababababab. becauseeeeeeeeeee theres me and and and dan dan and daaaaaaaaaaan aanndddddd WAWA and ALIA !
the twins are here, but only for couple of hours. awwww ;((

hahha. Alia looks slim because of her baju taw. tak aci, she gained her weight! :DDD
I went there together with my parents, sat at table which was blocking by this one big tiang and I couldnt see the pelamin. alaaa. but its okay, they have TV at the tiang. hehhe. but couldnt care less because Alia and Wawa sat at the same table as mine. hehhe. all we did was talk and laugh and laugh and talk and eat and laugh. hahaha. ade this one lady ask my mom, "anak ke semua ni?" haha. my mom gelak jee. "tade laaah. yg tuh adik pengantin, the other one her cousin and this one is my daughter. they all bestfriend" heee. we all just laughed. then my mom stared at us and she said, "betol la. korang mcm twins." haha. baru taw ke mak ooi. ape daa. hehhe. duuh. look at the hair pon dh cukup. but but, Alia looks super nice that night, I mean of course she had too. her hair looks damn good on her. eh. you pgi saloon dkt Subang Jaya tu eh? cantik ooh. haha. and Wawa, as usual, she's gorgeous okay. the wedding was nice, okay la. I am definitely not bored because I had them with me, and mak really enjoyed watching us, dia pon gelak same je bile kitorang gelak padahal dia bukn taw ape pun kitorng ckp, she laughed because we laughed. haha. taw la. aku kn memang gelak mcm syaitaaan ;DD my father was busy chit chatting with the other family that sat on the same table with us, borak borak. syok je baba. haha. the food was nice. I like the dessert. tataw ape bende, tapi sedaaap. My parents really enjoyed the speech by Alia's father. In the speech. he complimented his wife a lot. so, that really made my parents respect Alia's father because he is so proud and happy to compliment his wife in front of all the guest
Wawa's hairclip. cantik kaaaaaaaaan? mak suke noks! haha :D

this is the dessert that I talked about. sedab mcm mukimark! hahahaha ;p

later on Achik and kak Jana join out table. oh. they dont have the family table taw. so, when the feast start, the family members sume tade tmpt nk mkn. kesian. luckily there few empty seats available at different table. so, they just sat everywhere, sbb tu la Wawa and Alia end up at my table. tp takpe. I dont mind :))

After that, when everythings are done, balik.
but SHIT. I hate this part. I had to say goodbye to them. Wawa are studying somewhere in Perak and Alia, she went back to Melbourne on the next day.
I cried like shit with Ezan. everyone was looking at us. yela. its wedding but the two of us were crying like hell. I dont know when will I see her again. She said she's not coming back Raya nanti. takde cuti ;( so, I cried like shit and I admit, that was the longest time I hugged her. I just hugged her and I cried. she's so far away. huwm. but, I'll be okay. at least I'll be seeing her once in a year. Insyaallah

I'll definitely gonna miss you guys

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