May 14, 2010

Melaka onz ze laszt dayz

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 5/14/2010 01:37:00 PM

here comes ze secondzz dayz.

since me and kak leen slept in a different room, we had walking alarm clock that wokes us up, my MOM.
she woke us at around 8-ish maybe. and me being the typical stubborn youngest daughter, memang lansung tak peduli la dengan kejutan itu. hahha. kak leen did woke up, sbb anak anak dia dh bising.
well, i finally woke up almost 9am (:

had our free breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. super duper yummiest breakfast, in such a big portion. kenyang sampai ke lunch i tell youu. hehhe.
and then, me and kak leen look at ourselves and said 'nak buat ape pagi pagi ni?'. *blank

so, then we walked around, and walked and walked, and walked.
snap here, snap there.
and decided to try on this
yes, we did.

paid rm10 each for adult and rm5 for kids. its was a good journey, took about half an hour or so, not really sure. wasnt paid much attention towards the time tho, all i know was it was still early for me. haha

the views were good, the boat was good, BUT, the river is stink i tell youuu. like omaigod.
okay, maybe i exaggerate a bit, but still, it is stink. some part of the river was like double stinky. maybe it was still early in the morning, maybe they were no winds, i dont know lah.
but the stinks its not really THAT stink. its more like the stink that you can hold on to. haha

anw, enjoy.

done with our river cruise, were back on the land and Aiman was like keep on blabbing how hungry he was. duh. he didnt take any breakfast. so, we walked around to this one medan selera and had lunch. well, they did. i didnt. i'm still full seyy.

done with lunch, we walked to Dataran Pahlawan. omg, it was bloody hot seyy. seriously.
when I reach dataran pahlawan, i went straight to Brand Outlet, get myself a rm20 tshirt, go to the toilet and change. i was bloody sweaty like shit. seriously.

oh. if you guys follow my tweet, i did mention bout how i dislike dataran pahlawan.
the food court was not good, they even do their dishes right next to drinks stall, with no blinds or anything to cover. like, wtf.
the toilet was like faaaaaar away, the sign of toilet was not really helping.
the toilet was kinda bad, it was like theres a flood in the toilet. gosh.

and theres like more things i dislike bout it, but nevermind. lets just forget bout it.

later, i met my Syasya. yikeees !

finally, after all the waiting, finally, finally, finally, we met.

its like our routine to see each other every once or twice in a year, and that will be on our semester break. goossh, i miss this huge creature !
we talked a lot, we walked around, had drinks at Oldtown. but so sad that I gotta leave.

but baba and mak already gave me permission to stay over at Syasya's for 3days. yeay.
i think now she'll be in Singapore, so when she gets back here, i'll be in Melaka with her.
uuww, cant wait !

so, thats bout it. that all i can blab bout my short trip to Melaka.

until then, toodles (:

p/s : i did in english eh? haha. tak perasan la puleee.

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