November 26, 2008

my friend is your friend is her friend is his friend is me

blabbed by Amira Zafirah at 11/26/2008 04:48:00 PM
my live.

huwm. where to start. aduhai. I dont know where to start actually.
okay la. since I broke up with Yum and stuff, I tried my best to not getting involved with people related to him.
by doing that, I kinda make myself to all of the friends that I made in my past. Because, his friends are my friends too. faham?
in the end, I only stick with Chin and getting closer and closer to Alia.

now, lets start :)

in my college, I met Dara. she was Dylla's bestfriend. I know Dylla through myspace. I've met her few times, YM and stuff. kinda good friends jgk la.

from Dylla, I met Fiqa, her bestfriend. I'm kinda close with Fiqa, until today. Currently, Fiqa is studying at Unisel and she knows Pidot. oh, Fiqa's friend name Att have a boyf name Megat. Megat was Pole's schoolmate. He is also had a crushed on Biha, until now. haha.

oh. Pidot. I knowed Pidot when I went to the Summer Splash. He is Biha's friend. They're kinda close that time. Pidot is also Ady's dormate during highschool. oh, I knowed Ady through Biha. Pidot also know a girl named Syafnida, which is also Biha's friend.

Syaa, my loyal reader was also Tok Kadi, my collagemate, schoolmate during his highschool. haha. Me and Syaa know each other through blog and tak sangka, bule kenal pulak Kadi. haih.

another blog reader, Izza. her boyf is Yum's roomate. haha. hence, her boyf knows Yum and Pole too.

huwm. sape lagi eh?

oh. during my driving test, I met a girl named Aqila. now, she is my collagemate, which is Dara's roomate. hence, she knows Dylla too.

oh. new blog reader, Ssin, studied at KLMU. same as Yum's girlfriend. ooho. I hope they dont know each other.
&& Izza is also study at Pole's ex-gf college. no, they didnt know each other. hehhe.

haaaa. theres also a girl in my college that I called by the name "Altantuya", because she did look like her. hehe. That girl is Ady's ex-gf. so, she knows Ady.
&&&& Kadi's bestfriend in college, Beca, which is also kinda good friend of me knows Ady too. because, they both studied at the same school. haha.

Amira is a friend of Aqila which also a friend of Dara, which is Dylla's was bestfriends, which also knows Fiqa, which close to Att, which is Megat's gf which had a crush on Biha, which knows Pidot that was Ady's doormate which was Beca's schoolamate that is a goodfriends with Kadi that knows Altantuya.

Amira is superfriend with Pole which is Qayyum's besties which is Izza's boyfriends's roomate that studied at the same place as Pole's ex-gf.

Amira is Ssin readers that knows my kanda that are also friends with Ady which is Biha know since she's in primary school, which is her boyf now is Ameer, which is Pidot has a crush on.
oh. Pidot is gay. hehe.
no offense. he admit to me and I am so sure that he dont mind I'm saying this because he admits that to everybody.

erk. thats all I could think right now. ade lagi kott, but tahengat la mak nyah ooi.

anyway, welcome to my live.
which is everybody lives too.

hiks ;D

3 extra blabbing on "my friend is your friend is her friend is his friend is me"

fikri frantic on November 26, 2008 at 7:16 PM said...

dunia ini mikro la nowadays

syaa on November 26, 2008 at 7:42 PM said...

haha agk pening ye -__-

Fiqafiqon on November 27, 2008 at 8:06 PM said...

oh my god syg, this is so wonderful. i love you syg :)

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