July 19, 2010


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June 20, 2010

RIP Lola ;(

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i'm gonna miss you Lola

some stupid-moron-no money-jackass-manbitch stole my car.

I went to PWTC with kak leen for the local products exhibition. and the moment i came back to the parking lot, it was a different car.

no Lola anymore.

i'm sad. so so sad. major sad. ultimate sad.
all of my heels collections are in the car, my Keds, my Debenhams, my favourite pumps and flops.
mp3 player, my stress ball, my house key.
my smart tag and touch n go, my carpets, my roller blades, my books, all. gone.

done with police reports and stuff. gotta wait for 6months from now.
if theres still no news, gotta claim insurance. and that will take about 1 year?

argh. screw you son of a bitch

all i have now is, my car keys. every time i look at it, i miss my Lola :(

June 10, 2010

au revoir !

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ehemss, drum roll please

i'm at Singapore now with Syasya.
just the two of us :)

konon nye road trip la ni. hahaha.

see you guys on sunday !

June 9, 2010

the healthy Yana

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hello :)

heee, feels so bengang now because twitter is currently over capacity. yenna deyy, stop twitting la you darn peeps. i wanna tweet also cannot now. very stress i tell you. ergh.

bytheway, ini adalah entry yg terperam sangat sangat lame. tataw la kenape dia kene peram, nak buat jeruk la kot. har har, so very not funny. dont even try to laugh. heh.

on last two Sunday was Yana's sports day. she's a Smart Reader Kids (:

picture worth thousand words kan and seeing Yana's face will be worth millions and millions of grateful to Allah SWT.
am I the ROCKest ashu or whatt?? HAHA

gile kejam, off all the pictures kan only my picture je yang ade caption. hahaha :D

alhamdulillah, Yana is okay. she's getting better. ramai yang bertanya, lagi pon mmg dh lame tak buat post pasal Yana kan.
ingat lagi dulu dulu, hari hari buat post pasal Yana dkt hospital. kadang kadang belek belek jugak. tp tu lah, kalau dibelek, confirm meleleh punye ;(

to those who dont know, Yana is my niece, daughter of my one and only sister, kak Leen. at the age of 3, she was diagnosed with blood cancer, or well-known as Leukemia. thank god, it was detected at a very early stage.
she had been on chemotherapy and currently, she is at her second year. until now, belom lagi penah relapsed or ade any serious complications. her body accepted all the medicines and respond very well on it.

buat yang ingin tahu, Yana sekarang sihat alhamdulillah. masih ulang alik hospital for some chemo, still makan ubat everyday, well. i think shes gonna do that for the rest of her live.
tapi takpe, berkat doa yang tak pernah putus, sokongan dan semangat yang sentiasa berpanjangan, Yana is showing a very positive energy.
we as her family never fails to make her happy everyday. we never look down on her and always believe that one day, she will be as healthy as other kids too.

and our believing kept on going stronger and stronger.
she got enrolled in Smart Reader class, being the most loudest student, the most active. she sing and dance and jump and learning ABC, 123.
seeing her in the sports day, running here and there, having fun with other kids really really makes us believe that she is normal, just like any other kids too.

but no matter what, we dont wanna keep our hopes too high and expect too much, anything could go wrong in a matter of time.
but with prayer from the loved ones and support and positive thought, i'm sure that we can go through anything with her.
her team won the first place. she was mad happy and mad proud of it. she was the winning point tho ;p
hey, I'm Yana and i'm healthy. see, my hair is growing nice also :)

more story about Yana, click on the label below.

June 8, 2010


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kalau sayang, bukan main lagi. pakai baju tebalik pon dah kire lucu gile nak mati. semua la sanggup.

tapi kalau dah menyampah, salah sikat rambut pon dah mengamuk habis.

June 3, 2010


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selamat pagi cikgu *intonasi adalah seperti intan payung dlm cite Upin Ipin tu. haha

confident habis je korang bace ni time pagi pagi kan, hahaha. takpelah. tak pagi pon korang ngaku je la pagi ye.
currently the time is 4.03 am, and Goodnight Goodnight by Marroon 5 is playing on my iTunes. see, even iTunes pon suro aku tidoo. haha. lek luu, update blog dlu doww. haha.

well, I went to Youth'10 (:

last year pon I went jugak, korang pi cari sendiri la eh entry tu. malas la nak menengok, membelek archive. malas nak bace entry lame, mengimbau kenangan sangat taw. menyampah, menyampah. hahaha.
so, kn ade search engine kt sebelah ni haa, korang type je Youth, nnt ade le kluar list of entry nye. okay tawan tawan? good girl. haha.

gerak dari rumah pon dah petang dah sbb at noon pegi wedding dkt Shah Alam. sedara belah mak, and nak dijadikan cerita, bule pulak jumpe si Pinography. alaaa, photographer yang gambar gempak gile tuh. haaa, jumpe dia kat situ. dia jadi photographer wedding tu. betuah nyee la hai pengantin tu. confirm la gambar semua cantik cantik belako :p

eh, ape. cite pasal Youth kan. haaaa, nak cite la ni.

gerak dari rumah pon like almost 4pm dah. then pick up Chin dekat rumah. ehems, Ady nan adooo yeeee. dia ke JB. kalau dia ade kt KL ni, might be goin with him. dia tiada di KL, maka nya tidak la pergi dgn dia, okay? harap very the maklum.

haa, part ni gempak sikit ni. hehe.
i called baba taw mase tu sbb dia tade kat rumah. so, nk bgtaw dia la kan yg nak keluar semua. pastu cakap la dgn dia, mintak permission nak balik malam,before 9pm.
and and and and and,
baba cakap okayyyy. tade bising poooooooooooooon, tade nak marah marah pooooooooon, tade nak bebel bebel pooooooon, tade nak tengking tengking pooooooooon. dasyat gile kot !
sumpah aku tekejot gileeee. hahahahaha. macam tak sangke sangat. maybe baba dah bule face the fact kot yang anak dia will turn 20 years old this year and she deserved a little bit of freedom. cheyyy, agak nye laa. tak pon he noticed i've been a major good girl, so he said okay je lah.
hahaha, takesah la apa apa. but, alhamdulillah. harapnye berkekalan lah ye mcm ni :)

tengah ontheway ke PWTC, Dann was texting texting dgn Chin, so Chin pon ajak la Dann sekali and he said okay. so, singgah la ke rumah dia, amik dia skali, then we head on straight to PWTC.
parked the rooftop, building opposite PWTC tu, agak jauh jugak la menapak. sabaaau je lah.

waiting for Dann

here we are (:

since me and Chin didnt register online, so we had to pay rm5 for the 3 days ticket. kitorang dtg on second day, kire frst day punye tckt dh burned gitu je lah. alaa, ape ape je la. rm5 je kot. bayauu je lah.

jalan jalan jalan jalan, sampai le ke tempat nyeee. met our friend, Mel for a while. he's there too and his friend ade bukak booth jual baju. met Phesza also, my dope teacher. hahaha. sadly, our picture is not with me, ade dkt boyf Phesza kottt. and belom dapat lagi, masih menunggu.

overall Youth '10 was okay la, bit better than last year but i still find it boring. nothing much to do lah. ape yang diaorng kate best pon aku tataw. hahaha. maybe this whole thing is not really my thing or maybe i'm just old for it.
okay, lets just say this whole thing is not really my thing, forget the whole old thingy. haha. lol

heres some pictures taken.
pucat muke kau nyah

ntah hape yang happy pon tataw. haha


didgeridoo, aww. teringat Sydney

si extra debab and debab. haha

graffiti competition

pesana khidmat masyarakat ;p

dancing session oleh kanak kanak ribena. haha

nice cuppies, jealous.

the shopping section

the only picture of me and Dann

then, we naik atas.

tengok view bawah

then, we turun bawah.

hahaha. tu je. then teros balik. hahaha. tade beli ape pon, tengok tengok gitu jeee. tengok orang ade lah. hahaha.

since i still got few hours to be wasted, and my other friend, Amer was busy texting and wanted to see me. we decided to head on to none other than my second home, Pavilion. HAHA

had dinner and drinking sesh at Mdm. Kwan. i dont know why i love Kwan so much. hahaha. its just, ntah, i like it. sagu dia sedab betol lah. hahaha. borak borak bagai semua.
Dann with his mushroom chicken rice, that looks like a tits. hahaa

then, while waiting for my friend, Amer, i bumped with Fiqa. aawww, i miss this babe so very the much. no picture, haih. so sad.
Amer came, we talked talked, gossip gossip, then head on to see Kobain at his workplace.
talked talked some more, gossips gossips some more.

done with all of it, we head on.
send Dann, send Chin and then i'm home.
right before 9pm

yeaay :D

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